Perfect FloorA Perfect Pour. A Perfect Floor.

At Alpine Floors, formerly Rock Solid, we understand the role a floor plays within a building system in controlling sound and fire.  Our gypsum floors are lightweight and durable. That means they are ideally suited for both single and multi-level structures. They are also the perfect surface over which to lay finish materials like tile and hardwood. With a decorative finish, they look great all by themselves. When we pour our gypsum floors over concrete, wood or corrugated steel decking, we do it with the care and attention to detail you only get from Alpine. That means your floors will not dust, chip or crack.

It is important to understand that not all gypsum floors are created equal. Different applications and environments call for different products. Don’t worry. Call Alpine. Our expert consultants can help you find the acoustical floor solution that is right for your building project while ensuring compliance with fire safety requirements. While you have us on the phone, ask about our insulation, drywall, steel stud framing, and painting capabilities, too.


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